What's Next for Ron OJ

As The Pandemic is getting a little easier to manage and the city is opening up, so to are the job opportunities in the theatre world for many actors and directors. Many shows were postponed or cancelled so dates are tentative at this point in many cases.
For Ron things pick up at the end of the year with the Timeline Theatre production of a new play, “Relentless” by Tyla Abercrumbie.

Then it will be our rescheduled production of "Two Trains Running" by August Wilson at Court Theatre which will be Ron’s 30th August Wilson Production.
Then it's a new play with music, “Pearl’s Rollin with the Blues” at Writers Theatre featuring Toni nominated performer Felicia P. Fields.

Of course, Court Theatre will continue our Spotlight Series featuring an array of works from a variety of cultures exploring the world of classics from a new and exciting lens.

Look for Ron with upcoming productions at various theatres in and around Chicago and across the country. Please check out the Court Theatre website for upcoming programming www.courttheatre.org and Ron’s website www.ronojparson.com. We are looking forward to getting back on stage...

Although Ron is not on Facebook, you can contact him through this website,
or email at parson9@gmail.com or at the email address below.