What's Next for Ron OJ

Again it looks like a busy season for Ron... coming off Court Theatre's acclaimed Blues For An Alabama Sky by Pearl Cleage, up next is Paradise Blue by Dominique Morriseau at Timeline Theatre opening May 3rd, this marks another collaboration with Ron and The phenomenal Trumpeter Orbert Davis, leader of the Chicago Philharmonic.

Then, at American Blues Theater, it's Beauty's Daughter written by Dael Orlandersmith, featuring WandaChristine. Back at the home base in the fall at Court Theatre for Clark Peters, 5 Guys Named Mo, directed with friend, Tony Award Nominee Felicia Fields.

Then off to Kansas City Repertory Theatre for August Wilson's Fences featuring Chicago's own A C Smith and Greta Olgesby. NorthLight Theatre is next for Dominique Morriseau's highly acclaimed Skeleton Crew. Followed by Timeline's
To Catch A Fish by Brett Neveu. Another busy season.... Although Ron is not on Facebook you can contact him through the website, and email at parson9@gmail.com or at the email address below.